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Mission Statement for St. Joseph

We are a multi-generational Christian community growing in spiritual life together through liturgical worship, learning, and caring for all God's people. We invite and welcome all to this Holy place.               




New Parish Directory - Photos were taken every Sunday in August by Mother Michele.  Now Susan Ferguson will create the Directory and Joe Hajny will fill in all the pertinent information.  It’s been awhile since we had one so please have your photo taken.  Please make sure you let the office know if your information on the current parish list is correct or not.  Thanks!

King Soopers and Safeway gift cards is a great way to help fund the activities of the church. Simply purchase a reloadable gift card for the store of your choice for $10 (the card is preloaded with $10) and reload it before you buy groceries. Each time you reload it, 5% of the amount goes directly to the church. This has the potential to raise $3,000, or more, for the church each year! Use it to buy your groceries, for supplies for your Summer barbecue, or as gifts for others. Each time the recipient of your gift reloads the card, St. Joseph benefits! So, if you need a new card, are new to the church and want another way to support our ministries, or you want to make a gift, come and see Denise after church.  Thank you!

   Sign up list and menu in Parish Hall


Thursday - 11/2/17  - All Souls Service

Wednesday 11/22/17 - 7:00 Ecumenical Thanksgiving  Service - Sanctuary at St. Joseph Episcopal.  Please join us as we celebrate a joint service with other Green Mountain Churches. Green Mountain Presbyterian; Green Mountain United Methodist; Church of the Master ECLA and Christ on the Mountain Catholic.  Pie and coffee will be served after the service in the Fellowship Hall.