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Mission Statement for St. Joseph

We are a multi-generational Christian community growing in spiritual life together through liturgical worship, learning, and caring for all God's people. We invite and welcome all to this Holy place.                                                                

Lent at St. Joe's 

Ash Wednesday - February 14 (and yes we do know it is Valentine's Day, church's sense of irony!!)                                                            We have services at noon and 7pm.

Sundays in Lent we have 2 Eucharists one at 8 am and the other at 10:30.  During this season of the church year we use Rite I language.   And everyone is always welcome !!!

Faith Formation  

February 25       The Creed wrap up                                                                                                          

March 4              Canon and Scripture                                                                                                            

 March 11              Other Religions                                                                                                                      

March 18             Other Religions                                                                                                               

March 25            Palm Sunday                                                                                                                     

April 1                 Easter Sunday                                                                                                                      

April 8                The Bible                                                                                                                    

 April 15               Bible personas                                                                                                                       

April 22              “B”’s                                                                                                                                       

April 29              Book of Common prayer                                                                                                    

 May 6                 Sacraments & Spiritual Disciplines                                                                                    

 May 13                Mother’s Day                                                                                                                

May 20               Pentecost                                                                                                                  

 May 27               Wrap Up                                                                                                                         

June 3                If Necessary                                                                                                                   

June 9                Front Range Confirmation


During Wednesdays in Lent we will be exploring Brian McLaren’s Book “The Great Spiritual Migration” both at noon and at 6pm.  If you want the book ordered please sign up or contact the church office during office hours - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9:00 - 12:00.  It is $13.00.  The book is not a necessity for the class but as always more information is better.  

“The Christian story, from Genesis until now, is fundamentally about people on the move—outgrowing old, broken religious systems and embracing new, more redemptive ways of life. It’s time to move again.  Brian McLaren, a leading voice in contemporary religion, argues that— notwithstanding the dire headlines about the demise of faith and drop in church attendance—Christian faith is not dying. Rather, it is embarking on a once-in-an-era spiritual shift. For millions, the journey has already begun.  


Jesus said….. Feed my sheep, not “count them”                                                                                                                                               Thus reads a needlepoint in my office.  But there are a number folks among us… and to be quite honest… I was fascinated when I discovered these numbers.

2017 was a very good year!

Ministry at St. Clare’s - 7,800 homeless or working poor were served of clothed by volunteers from St. Joe’s by 364 volunteers working 728 hours.

In addition, Mother Michele fed 600 folks, cooking on the 5th Tuesday.

And we donated $900.00 to help fund food supplies.  

Brown Bag Lunch made 1.250 lunch bags in 2017.  That means 2,500 sandwiches plus 1,250 pieces of fruit, and 2,500 pieces of candy and 3,750 homemade cookies.  It took approximately 85 folks and 850 hours to accomplish this.  (Doesn’t include shooting or baking time !!)

Family Promises - had 4 dinners with 3 breakfasts for 14 families and 11 volunteers, each volunteer usually gives 2-3 hours of time So 33 hours of time here.  In addition, Tom Frick drives the van at least 60 hours a year transporting families. 

The garage sale had 22 volunteers working.  Best guess is that over 100 hours were given in this effort.  We made $2,830.00 (=after expenses) to fund our outreach work.  

Action Center - We made 8 trips to the Action center this year.  Four folks did delivery.  We sent approximately 10 overflowing bins.  Donations included food, school supplies, household goods and clothes.   

Hospitality in eating here - No Agenda Meals began this summer and we hosted 4, with average attendance of 35-50 people.  We also had a Chili Cook Off Supper, a Pancake Supper and a Palm Sunday Middle Eastern pot luck.  

We began working with other Green Mountain Churches and participated  4 interdenominational events.  

We had 6 Friday Nights with the Rector.  

The Wednesday Noon Group has read 7 Books and spent 104 or more hours discussing them.

We have offered 10 different experiences for Adult Faith Formation.

Office volunteers donated 468 plus hours in the office.