Outreach Ministries

Outreach Ministries are an important aspect of St. Joseph Episcopal Church; these are opportunities for us to work together to provide support and fellowship to many in need outside of our church. The Outreach Community coordinates many of these activities, but other communities, such as the Youth Group, also actively work “Outside Our Walls.”

Outreach Community
This group of parishioners works together to plan outreach activities.Our philosophy is to coordinate with existing organizations that are doing good work.  We meet on the 1st Monday of most months. Talk with Rhoda Yeager or call the church office if you are interested in joining us.

Brown Bag Lunches
Volunteers of America distribute lunches to the homeless and working poor in the Denver area.  Once a quarter (roughly),  St. Joseph Church prepares lunches for this program. Friends and family of parishioners, as well as members of the Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops in the area gather in the Parish Hall on a Saturday afternoon to assemble 250 sack lunches.  Mellaine Shade is the coordinator for this ministry. 
Habitat for Humanity
St. Joseph Church participates in Habitat for Humanity projects with Jeffco Partners for Interfaith Action.  We also support the Pumpkin Patch, which raises money for Jeffco Partners for Interfaith Action and Habitat for Humanity by selling pumpkins each October.  Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome. Peter von Hemert, is our Habitat coordinator.

Volunteer to sell pumpkins to support our work with Habitat, please sign-up on line. Go to www.westmetropartners.org. Next click on the Lakewood ‘Here’ button for staffing. The next step is to sign-in. Don’t forget to uncheck all the free offers. On the staffing page scroll down the list of dates to find a match of availability and when you can work. Fill  in the appropriate box and press Save.

 Volunteers helping at st. clare's 

Volunteers helping at st. clare's 

Family Promises
Family Promises is an organization that provides housing, meals, job search support, and transportation in an effort to help homeless families get back on their feet.  St. Joseph provides Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast.  We work with Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church, which provides shelter for the week and coordinates with other churches, like us, for food and other volunteer needs.
St. Clare’s Supper
This Diocesan Jubilee Ministry feeds between 100 and 150 homeless and low-income people each week at a sit-down dinner in the parish hall at the Episcopal Church of St. Peter and St. Mary.  People from St. Joseph church participate on the 4th Tuesday of each month staffing the clothing room, serving and cleaning-up.  If you would like to help, talk with Faith Gunther or sign up in the Parish Hall.

Collections for Community & Diocesan Groups

St. Joseph Church supports a few programs through donations of food, school supplies and clothing throughout the year.  We have collection bins at both entrances to the Church and at the east entrance of the Parish Hall where parishioners can place items which are then delivered to the organizations.   The focus of the monthly collection is shared through the Church newsletter and Weekly Bulletin, and is also noted on signs near the bins.
The Action Center
This  “human services nonprofit organization, provides an immediate response to basic human needs and promotes pathways to self-sufficiency for Jefferson County, Colorado residents and the homeless.”  Throughout the year the primary collection for the Action Center is for food items, and in July we focus on school supplies.  Our “Loaves and Fishes” donations are designated for the Action Center.

This month, the Outreach Community is requesting any of the following items for The Action Center.  Please place them in the plastic bins near each door.  Thank you.

FOOD ITEMS: Canned Fruit, Canned Protein, Peanut Butter, Rice, Beans, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Mac and Cheese
NON-FOOD ITEMS:  School Supplies: Spiral Notebooks, Markers (thin & wide tip), Scissors (sharp & blunt tip), Pocket Folders, Colored Pencils, Loose Leaf Paper, Backpacks, Scientific Calculators, Flash Drives, Glue Bottles
St. Clare’s Supper
In the fall or the winter, we collect warm hats and gloves, hooded sweatshirts, jeans and socks and underwear to help stock the clothing room at St. Clare’s.  Also toiletries, including lotions, cologne, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner for both men and women are always welcome.
St. Francis Center
We designate times to collect clothing for the St. Francis Center.