One of the best ways to get connected with our community at St. Joe's is to join one of the many groups. We know that people are different, so we've got a number of different programs and ministries designed for varied age groups, interest or gender. Some are social, some educational, some spiritual, or all 3.  On these pages you will have an opportunity to read a brief summery of each of our programs and ministries. Please visit our Upcoming Events page for monthly event details.

Children's Faith Formation
Traditional Sunday School has not be successful at St. Joseph.  We understand the time issues for our young families and we encourage children in our worship space.  We even created an area we call "The Creche" in the sanctuary itself.  This area allows children to be children and participate in worship in ways which are appropriate.  Friday Nights and sometimes Saturday mornings with the Rector have taken the place of traditional Sunday School and continue to be met with great enthusiasm.

Friday Nights with the Rector
These events are sponsored by the Faith Formation Community and offer kids and their parents a day or evening out.  They are held on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings and all are encouraged to come.  Our rector, Mother Michele plans the events!  Kids are welcome to stay while parents have a morning or night out or the whole family can stay to play. Last year we realized that activities focused on faith formation had a higher participation level.  Evenings focused on "Holy Week"  and "All the Saints" in story, activity and fun. exploring the season of Lent with a focus on a Heifer project. Currently the kids are engaging with “Flat Joe” and photographing him in a variety of ways. Stay tuned for the slide show on the Sunday after Easter.

Safeguarding God's Children
This 4 hour training is required of everyone who works with the children at St. Joseph.  It is a thorough look at ensuring our church is a safe place for our children, our youth, and all those who volunteer their time of behalf of them.  We believe that working with children and youth is a privilege, not a right.    The next training is at St. Joseph on Saturday, May 11 from 9am-1pm.